Back supports from SUPPORT4PHYSIO, provide lower back pain relief and back injury support aid, including: Lower back core lumbar pain relief belts, lower back supports, child back supports, spinal supports, lumbar rolls, office chair back supports, seat wedges and neck pillows. Back pain can be just that - a real pain and is a general term for many different back complaints. Lumber disc disorders, degenerative diseases like disc disease, inflammatory back conditions, trapped nerves, infections, bone disease, psychogenic pain, etc, etc, making back pain one of the most difficult conditions to manage. One successful method of non-invasive lower back pain management is the use of orthopedic back supports helping to manage lower back pain whilst enhancing correct posture. In addition to being specialist suppliers of back support aids SUPPORT4PHYSIO offer a full range of joint supports, strapping and exercise aids, delivered throughout the UK to individuals, local authorities, the NHS and other medical professionals.

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