SISSEL: Wrist Cold Therapy Wrap SI4710.00

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A cold compression wrist wrap providing essential initial First Aid to an injured wrist: Increasing the rate of recovery following a wrist injury, with; Pump to regulate pressure and level of compression. Slow-Flow gel remains cold for hours; and can be kept in the fridge and used as frequently as required. A must if you suffer from sporting or activity induced; ongoing chronic wrist pain complaints; standard delivery 2-4 days.

Cold therapy and compression combined, providing the Ice and Compression in RICE, increasing the rate of recovery following a wrist injury, which:

• Effectively alleviates pain, inflammation and prevents swelling. A must if you suffer from ongoing chronic wrist pain
• Ideal for the treatment of sports injuries, as it can be used as frequently as required with Slow-Flow gel remaining cold for hours
• The gel moulds to the shape of the wrist and the Velcro fastener holds the pad in place
• Complete with pump for pressure regulation; Easy to disinfect and keep hygienic

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