Harley: Sacroiliac Support Belt HL4249

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An elasticated stabilisation sacroiliac support belt: Providing additional stabilisation of the sacrum; helping to re-establish the joints natural movements. Front velcro fastenings provide an easy fit with; side pulls for variable adjustment; standard delivery 2-4 days.

Size: Hip Sizes (measure 7" below waist): Small  30"-34"  (76-86cm);  Medium  35"-40"  (89-102cm);  Large   41"-46" (104-117cm); X-Large    47"-52"  (120-130cm)

A stabilising sacroiliac back support belt providing: added pelvic support; re-establishing the joints natural movement, with; Additional side pulls with touch close fastening. 7.5cm width depth at the front and back. Made from strong elastic with adjustable side pulls for a varied fit.

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