NEO-G: Thumb Brace NG880

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A Variable Compression System thumb brace, with: Aluminium splint; for partial immobilization of thumb; Allowing free mobility of fingers, helping to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome, supporting weak or injured wrists; standard delivery 2-4 days.

One size fits all on either thumb: Featuring the Exclusive Neo G Vcs ( Variable compression system) Registered with the MHRA, which allows the wearer to tighten OR loosen the compression of the support for MAXIMUM Fit, comfort and blood flow safety while you are actually wearing it for:

  • Training
  • Competing
  • Recovering
  • At work or home
  • At Hospital

The Neo G Vcs thumb brace features aluminium splint for partial immobilization of thumb. Allows free mobility of fingers and also helps prevent carpal tunnel syndrome and supports weak or injures wrists.

  • Always consult a physician
  • Wrap around affected area and only tighten until comfortable; Do not restrict blood-flow
  • Never wear overnight or while asleep
  • This product is CE approved & MHRA (Medicines & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency) UK registered

Instructions for use:

  • Slip thumb through small opening
  • Bend & shape metal insert along thumb
  • Tighten smaller velcro strap till firm but comfortable & fasten velcro
  • Wrap wider neoprene strap around wrist till firm but comfortable
  • Metal insert can be removed if required

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