VertiBaX Walking Back Supports


VertiBaX walking back supports are keeping many people out there this Summer whether home or abroad on countryside trails, managing aches and pains in the lower back whilst helping the exercise process.

Whether it be a medium level of back support required or a high level of back support required SUPPORT4PHYSIO can help with our full range of core muscle belts from VertiBaX. The VB120 is ideal if you require full flexibility whilst exercising, whilst the VB121 provides a very high level of support, which can be reduced as required by removing the flexible stays.

If you have a weak back, there is no better way of maximizing the enjoyment of your chosen activity by using a VertiBaX to manage and prevent lower back pain and potential future injury. Gain in confidence to exercise more with a VertiBaX, VB119 for all day everyday pain management, VB120 for support during activity, VB121 for a high level of support which can be varied as and when more or less support is required.

Disclaimer: As all medical conditions are unique to the individual, if any of the details provided in the article are unclear in any way, professional independent medical advice should be taken before acting upon any of the information given.

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