SUPPORT4PHYSIO Neo-G Sacro Lumbar Back Support


The SUPPORT4PHYSIO Neo-G sacro-lumbar mid to lower back support with stays; offers robust protection and support to a weakened or damaged lower back.

This is a versatile back support, stabilising weakened mid to lower back muscle groups, containing stays running down the spine being ideal for sufferers of central backache; and/or pain radiating pain going as far as the buttocks. The Neo-G NG891 reduces unwanted twisting and bending movements, helping to prevent further damage or lower the chance of over stretching. This product comes in one size , being suitable for most people.

The Neo G Vcs (Variable compression system)  allows the wearer to tighten OR loosen the compression of the support for MAXIMUM fit, comfort and blood flow safety whilst it is actually being worn for training; competing; recovering; at work; at home or in Hospital.

To fit, this back support needs to be wrapped around the affected area of the body and  tightened until comfortable and not too tight which could restrict blood-flow. To fit:

  • Position the bottom of the support as low down back as possible then fasten the Velcro until comfortable
  • Grasp smaller straps at each side of the large support in each hand, pull each at the same time & tighten into back until firm but comfortable then fasten Velcro until comfortable

The SUPPORT4PHYSIO Neo-G Back Support with stays and straps is made from neoprene providing warmth and compression, aiding the recovery process.

Disclaimer: As all medical conditions are unique to the individual, if any of the details provided in the article are unclear in any way, professional independent medical advice should be taken before acting upon any of the information given.

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