Back Pain Relief In Car Slimline Seat Wedge


Sitting in a car seat for long periods of time or getting in and out of a car frequently as you make many small journeys is a major contributor to back pain and often a cause of back injuries. As traveling by car is a major part of many peoples lives,  minimizing the stress that is placed on the lower back is essential if that dreaded lower back injury is to be avoided or the pain from an existing back injury is to be managed.

One way of reducing this risk is to change the elevation of the car seat to make it flatter, so that the body can slide onto it rather than sit down into it, putting extra strain on the lower back and core muscle groups. If the car manufacturer's seat adjustment settings do not provide for a big enough adjustment then slimline seat wedges are the answer, flattening the car seat and allowing an ideal sitting posture whilst enhancing the natural "S" shaped curvature of the spine.

The difference between a slimline wedge and a standard wedge is the depth it raises the body off the seat; a slimline wedge is thinner than a standard wedge to ensure that there is still enough headroom in the car. So in summary; if you are a sufferer of in car or drivers back pain why not join the professional drivers and use a slimline wedge to adjust your sitting posture whilst driving; by selecting the HarleySlimline Wedge with Strap (to hold the wedge in position on the seat) or the Harley Slimline Wedge without Strap (if you would like to use the wedge in and out of your car). For all in car back support aids visit VertiBaX DailyLiving Store In Car Seat Cushions.

Disclaimer: As all medical conditions are unique to the individual, if any of the details provided in the article are unclear in any way, professional independent medical advice should be taken before acting upon any of the information given.

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