Abdominal Injury Support

Abdominal injury supportAn abdominal injury support is another name given to tummy supports or elasticated or front bonding Velcro fastening abdominal supports.

Abdominal injury supports can be used to stabilise an injured tummy muscle (abdominal muscle), to support hernias (bulges in the tummy region) or provide support for the mid to lower back at the abdominal level of the body. These supports?are also particularly popular for use by women following the birth of a child.

A quality abdominal injury support should stay in place during activity and be sufficiently tight fitting to reduce the stress placed on an injured abdominal muscles, without restricting blood flow to the injured area, something that is required to increase the rate of healing.

Two abdominal injury supports that have proven to bring great benefit to the user are the Oppo: Abdominal Binder Tummy Support OP2260 and the Oppo: Stretch Abdominal Binder Tummy Support OP2162, the main difference being that the Stretch Abdominal Binder OP2162 is effectively an elasticated tube without a front Velcro fastening. OP2162 is often referred to as the Post Natal Tummy Support whilst OP2260 is often referred to as the Hernia Abdominal Injury Support.

For more information on Support4Physio Abdominal Injury Supports, follow the link Abdominal Injury Supports.

Disclaimer: Professional independent medical advice should be taken before acting on any of the information given in this article.

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