First Aid Back Supports

First Aid Back SupportsChoosing a first aid back support to help you manage your back pain is a challenge as there are so many quality back supports on the market, providing varied degrees of support and protecting different areas of the back, including the high back, mid back and lower back.

Core Lumbar Back Supports

For lower back injuries consider the revolutionary range of Core Lumbar back supports from VertiBaX, the VB120 and VB121: The only products on the market across the world that help to manage core lower back pain during exercise (VB120) and lower back pain during intense periods of heavy exercise or lifting (VB121).

Sacro Lumbar Back Support

For mid back pain, often referred to as Sacro Lumbar back pain consider the high quality and breathable medical sacro lumbar back support from Oppo (OP1064), coming in a range of sizes providing a perfect fit, whilst having elasticated side pulls for tension adjustment and reinforcing stays running down the back for additional support.

Clavicle/Shoulder Braces

For upper back pain, clavicle/shoulder braces (OP4075) are often very beneficial, encouraging perfect posture so that the upper body is re-educated in how it supports itself, providing longer term upper back pain management solutions.

For more information on a full range of first aid back supports visit SUPPORT4PHYSIO First Aid Back Supports.

Disclaimer: Professional independent medical advice should be taken before acting on any of the information given in this article.

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