Best Exercise Short

Best exercise shortA quality pair of exercise shorts can be the difference between performing every week in comfort, injury free, knowing that the risk to gaining a thigh, hip, or groin injury are minimized and works in a similar way to warming groin supports, but ensures that both sides of the body get similar treatment.

However it is not easy to select the most suitable exercise short as there are so many different brands and styles available. The best exercise shorts should be breathable and fit snuggly around the groin area without bunching, which can cause sweating and soreness.

The LP: Extreme Exercise Short is often referred to as the best exercise short and is recommended by physical trainers and fitness instructors across the UK as it is light and comfortable keeping groin muscles warm using natural body heat.

Its elastic knit waistband with pullcord provides adjustable waist fitment and its breathable coolprene fabric with coolmax lining helps to keep the skin dry at all levels of physical activity.

To reduce the risk of groin strains look up the LP: Extreme Exercise Short by visiting

Disclaimer: Professional independent medical advice should be taken before acting on any of the information given in this article.

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