Elbow Hyperextension Pain

Hinged hyperextension pain relief braceElbow Hyperextension pain is caused by stretching the elbow joint or the tendons, ligaments or muscles attached to the elbow, beyond what is normally acceptable. Elbow Hyperextension should be not be confused with elbow hyper-mobility, which means that you are “double-jointed”.

Hyperextension injuries to elbow joints, (or knee joints), are most commonly sustained as a result of playing sports or being involved in a fall or an accident. Often, an elbow joint or muscle are only temporarily injured and can improve with rest, cold compresses and an elbow hyperextension brace support. ?The elbow brace is a hinged support restricts elbow movement and offers joint support. In some cases, however, elbow hyperextension pain can be permanent and although an elbow support brace can ease the pain, surgery may be required to prevent continued hyperextension symptoms.

If you suffer from hyperextension of the elbow joint, the Oppo Hinged Elbow Support will help ease the hyperextension pain and assist in the recovery of the injury.

For more information on the Oppo Hinged Elbow Support, OP1187 visit, http://www.support4physio.co.uk/oppo-hinged-elbow-support.php, for general information on elbow supports visit http://www.support4physio.co.uk/elbow-supports.php.

Disclaimer: Professional independent medical advice should be taken before acting on any of the information given in this article.

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