Elbow Brace

The Oppo elbow brace with light aluminium hinges, controlling elbow hyperextension and bracing the elbow.

Elbow braceThe Oppo Hinged Elbow Support?OP1187 is often referred to as the best elbow brace support, providing a weakened elbow with support and restricted movement, helping to prevent hyperextension of the elbow. This hinged elbow brace, plays a major role in the rehabilitation programme following damage to the elbow joint.

This hinged elbow support from Oppo is made from breathable neoprene with a cotton based lining for extra comfort.

For more information on the Oppo: Hinged Elbow Support OP1187 visit, http://www.support4physio.co.uk/oppo-hinged-elbow-support.php, for general information on elbow supports visit http://www.support4physio.co.uk/elbow-supports.php.

Disclaimer: Professional independent medical advice should be taken before acting on any of the information given in this article.

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