Weight Lifters Back Support Belt

Revolutionary Weight Lifters Back Support - Injury Prevention and Lower Back Pain Relief.

Weight lifters beltIf you are a weight lifter, you need a weight lifters Back support. Many weight lifters suffer lower back pain at some time in their career, whether they are amateur weight lifters, or full-time professional weight lifters.?

Lower back pain can be a?misery for body builders and weight lifters and can often prevent even the most dedicated gym enthusiast from completing a weekly or daily programme card and experiencing the highs of developing the desired level of strength and conditioning.

Many weight lifter belts are uncomfortable, as they restrict movement too much, or are too wide at the front and prevent freedom of movement as the body is bent in the abdominal region. However, the VertiBax Heavy Task Core Lumbar Active Support?is the ideal solution to easing back pain, as it?stabilizes core muscles groups whilst working out but does not restrict movement too much.

Weight Lifters Back Belt?- actively supporting your back during a work out

The Heavy Task Core Lumbar Active Support from VertiBaX helps to stabilise the body’s core and relieve lower back pain during all aspects of gym work, whether it be used whilst undergoing an intense free weights programme or whether the user is building stamina through a longer resistance machine workout, making it the ideal weight lifters back support.

Weight lifters back support beltThe Heavy Task Core Lumbar Active Support is streamline, stays in place when bending and lifting and fits comfortably under or over gym clothing, without restricting the explosive, dynamic movements required at the most competitive levels of lifting weights.

For more information on the weight lifters back support belt, the VertiBaX: Heavy Task Core Lumbar Active Support visit http://www.support4physio.co.uk/vertibax-heavy-task-core-lumbar-active-support.php; for general back supports visit http://www.support4physio.co.uk/back-supports.php

Disclaimer: Professional independent medical advice should be taken before acting on any of the information given in this article.

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