Back support for Golfers

Golf Back Support - Lower back pain relief for Golfers

Golf Active Back SupportMost golfers suffer lower back pain at some time in their career, whether they are amateurs enjoying a game with friends, or full-time, professional golfers.?

Lower back pain can be a?misery and can often prevent even the most dedicated, diehard golfers from playing for weeks on end.

Many back supports are not suitable for golf, as they restrict movement, but the VertiBaX Core Lumbar Active Back Support is the ideal solution to easing back pain , as it?stabilises core muscles groups whilst playing golf, allowing you to get on with enjoying your game.

Golfer’s Back Support?- actively supporting your back during play

The Core Lumbar Active Support from VertiBaX helps to stabilise the body’s core and relieve lower back pain during a golfer’s swing by providing compression support to major core muscle groups, enhancing momentum control and transfer of power to the club face from the swing, making it the ideal golf back support.

The Core Lumbar Active Support fits comfortably under clothing and does not restrict dynamic movements required to play golf, even at the highest level.

Disclaimer: Professional independent medical advice should be taken before acting on any of the information given in this article.

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