Harley Neck Pillows

The Harley neck pillow care system has been clinically tested and proven to bring neck pain relief to many who have previously been denied a good night\'s sleep, providing the UK\'s top selling professional range of orthopaedic pillows.

The Harley range of orthopaedic pillows comes in a range of sizes, with or without memory foam, protecting your neck from stresses and strains.

The memory foam neck pillows mould to fit your shoulder curvature, allowing for ease of movement from side to back, ensuring the shoulder and upper arm movements never interfere with the cervical spine.

The neck supports without memory foam are anatomically shaped to ensure maximum comfort during use and for correct alignment of the spine by relaxing and relieveing muscles.

When choosing a pillow consider three things:
1. How big you would like the pillow to be i.e how much of the mattress it covers (Choose standard size or large size);
2. What filling you would like the pillow to have- memory foam fillings are softer and more soothing or the firmer polyurethane filling and;
3. How big your frame is- people with a smaller frame should choose lo-line pillows.

For more information on any of our orthopedic neck pillows, click the links below:


Standard Size Pillows Large Sized Pillows
Standard Size Pillows Large Sized Pillows

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