Foot Care Aids 

Foot Care Aids include all products which help to bring comfort to the foot, through the correct use of insoles, heal cushions and dressings to prevent blisters.

Orthotics insoles are orthopaedic support devices designed to bring pain relief by re-aligning the biomechanical movements of the foot when in motion. In simple terms if all movement stems from the feet and how the foot is placed on the ground when the body is in motion, ankle pain, knee pain , hip pain and lower back pain can be reduced if the body is aligned more efficiently and the forces exerted throught the joints are less severe.

Our range of orthotic devices including air insoles, sorbson insoles and heels, polygel insoles and heels and metatarsal insoles and heels, providing an insole and heel for every occasion, helping reduce the forces exerted through the joint when the body is in motion, helping relieve joint pain.

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