Immediate on site treatment of an injury whether it be at home, in the car, on holiday or in the workplace, is essential if the severity of the injury is to be minimised and the recovery time reduced.

Support4Physio recognise this and as a result have produced a range of essential first aid products which are ideal for individual users and for Local Authority or Corporate Organisations who are governed by Health and Safety mandates.

The HSE Approved Code of Practice and Guidance Clause 38 "First Aid Rooms" states that:

"Employers should provide a suitable first aid room or rooms where the assessment of first aid needs identifies this as necessary. The first aid room should contain essential first aid facilities and equipment, be easily accessible to stretchers and clearly signposted and identified. If possible the rooms should be reserved exclusively for giving first aid."

High quality First Aid equipment available from Support4Physio will help in the achievement of Clause 38.

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