Back Supports

A back support, back belt, lumbar support, lumbar roll or seat wedge can be used to help support your back and relieve back pain, which is a general term for many different back complaints. Pain from lumbar disc disorders, degenerative diseases like disc disease, inflammatory back conditions, trapped nerves, infections, bone disease, psychogenic pain, etc, can all be reduced by using a quality back support.

Support4Physio provide a range of high quality, medically advanced back supports and back belts for every occasion; including: Lower Back Supports, In Car Back Supports, Office Chair Back Supports, Medical Back Supports, Maternity Back Supports, Pain Relief Back Supports, Biomagnetic Back Supports, Breathable Back Supports, Heavy Task Back Supports, Sports Back Supports and Branded Back Supports.

If you have a specific back complaint and would like advice on the best back support or back belt to ease your pain, don\'t hesitate to contact us for free advice on the best back care products for you.

Each of our back supports and back belts are made from quality, lightweight materials ensuring no disruption to your daily routine.

For more information on any of our back supports, back belts or lumbar supports, click on the categorised links below:

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