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Back Support : Are you suffering from back pain in the lumbar region and looking for a quality back support to give you pain relief? Support4Physio can help with our wide range of lumbar supports / back supports to help support the back and relieve pain for back pain sufferers, a major issue for the health service, with over 80% of the UK population suffering from back pain at some stage in their lives. As a supplier and manufacturer of Class 1 orthopaedic support devices, we guarantee to provide good quality back supports, offering back pain relief and allowing many to get on with their everyday lives, as it is estimated that back pain, and back lumbar pain in particular, costs the UK government over £16 million every day, contributing towards 120 million lost working days each year in the UK.

Support4Physio not only offers a wide range of back supports, but prides itself on offering customers a choice of the most scientifically advanced joint care and back pain relief products on the market. We offer products for your lumbar back pain relief, ankle pain relief, back pain relief, shoulder pain relief, knee pain relief and relief from other joint pain you may be suffering from.

Back Pain and Joint Pain Relief Supports: As well as offering the revolutionary back supports and joint pain relief products from VertiBaX; a range that includes active joint supports, (such as ankle supportsknee, shoulder, elbow and wrist supports), sensory belts, adjustable lumbar supports and joint wraps, we also stock the renowned designer Harley complete care spinal support and back comfort aids, as well as a full range of the market leading OPPO and LP supports.

Our complete range of back supports and joint support products enables individuals and practitioners to make fully informed choices and purchase the most suitable pain relief supports at sensible prices.

Orthopaedic Support Manufacture, Alteration & Repair Service: Support4Physio through its association with VertiBaX Ltd provides a full orthopaedic support manufacturing and alteration service for physiotherapists who require unique wrist, ankle, knee, elbow and back support products for their patients.

Enjoy viewing the pain relief products in our online store. If you have any questions regarding our products, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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